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Permanent Staffing

Srishti HR identifies and shortlists the deserving candidates for permanent employment. We are committed towards permanent staffing services for the candidates who gets shortlisted to be an employee for the organisation. Srishti, first identifies and evaluates the candidates. We then recruit candidates for permanent employment based on their skills and experiences

Contract Hiring

Srishti HR offer contract employment to its clients. It is one of the essential services provided by our team in order to identify candidates for temporary and on contract basis. It is difficult to find such candidates, and to make it convenient – we at Srishti Contact Hiring Services do contractual hiring for the corporate world.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of recruitment solution where a company sends out the entire or a part of the employment recruiting process to an external party. This form of recruitment process helps the company to focus on the business and save their time and expenses in order to find the right job seekers available in the market.

Bulk Hiring

With a team of professionals representing various industries, Srishti HR is said to be the best consultancy for hiring candidates in bulk. The representatives from Srishti collaborates with companies and organizes recruitment drives to hire a bunch of people. These candidates can be for intermediate to high officials, from corporate firms to start-ups – we cater to all types of recruitment services.

Resume Service

A professionally written resume is your ticket to land that dream job. “Curriculum vitae” or CV as we call it, is an exhibit of your education, skill-set, and experience, in short, it’s a summary about you. Let us at Srishti HR help cut-out a high quality professionally written CV so that you can sit back, relax and prepare for that interview.